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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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I vote for SHARON MAXWELL, even though the baby in the photo is COLT MAXWELL WILLIAMS!!! He is already a FLORIDA CRACKER COWBOY and loves his HAT! When he can't find his Sunbody, he puts on his dad's hat....Love Mom


My vote is for Sharon Maxwell!

Lenice Brown

Sharon Maxwell & Larry Livingston have my vote!

Susan Bohn

Stephanie May is my vote.

Andrew Ross

I vote for Stephanie May's photo... being her dad and all I'm biased!

Stephanie May

Stephanie's May's bridal kissing photo is the winner!

John S. Leighton

My vote is for my son Jeb Leighton. They have it spelled wrong as Jed.


Jed leighton

Haley J. Ratcliff

The girl kissing the horse...her name is Allyson. On facebook it says her name is "Haley". However "Haley" is the person who submitted the picture! It just says "Hannah Foglesong" because I used her (Hannah Foglesong) e-mail! Sorry about that!

Kent Houser

I vote for StephanieMay4

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