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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


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Like that Aussie fedora ... oh, yes. I might just need that one. Badly.

Kenny Sutherland

I vote for the AUSTIN or the AUSSIE

Vicki Anderson

I agree with the tacky, but of course I like traditional cowboy/cowgirl hats. Like the Austin

Jesse Ochoa -Crazy Horse Ridge

I do not like tacky hats either. You make great classic hats give us more like that.


The Crazy Horseshoe, Cross Roads, and Texan hats are tacky. There are plenty of tacky hats out there if people want them. Stick with you high quality classic hats. They are beautiful and unique.

Carl Magruder

Gotta respect the breast cancer visor. Might wear the Austin or the Casa Blanca. Might put the Aussie funky fedora on my head if I was in a desert and a wild burro had eaten my other hat, but I'd dunk it in a watering tank first chance I got and reshape it more like a plantation hat. Bottom line, you folks know what sells. I like classic things--things that you could step through a time machine to anywhere between 90-150 years ago and not look too odd. I love the Sunbody hats for that reason, but mostly the classic (classy) designs.

jose cortes

the austin great hat also can be good on color black once start to sell i am going to buy one for me

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